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Mixing & Mastering

Mixing + (Free Mastering)


 Headphones Floating

Production & Remixing


Sound equipment



Recording Studio

1 Hour Consulting



  • All stems must be in WAV format - preferable 24 bit

  • Make sure there is no limiting or compression happening on your stems

  • Make sure there is no clipping

  • All stems should be properly labeled - stems like 'random sound 27' is not accepted, name everything according
    to what it is. For example: Kick, Lead Synth, Keys, Uplifter FX.

  • I do not accept more than 50 stems. You can combine sounds together in one stem if you want, as long as they 
    aren't overlapping. 

  • Compress all stems into a .zip or .rar folder

    For Mastering:

  • One WAV file - preferable 24 bit

  • Try to leave around -6 dB of headroom

  • Make sure there is no clipping

  • Provide any information regarding LUFS values if needed.

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